We're Not Just Discounting...We're Donating This Black Friday

We're Not Just Discounting...We're Donating This Black Friday

To celebrate Black Friday weekend, we’re giving our customers the option of either 10% off everything or 8% off everything and plant a tree through our partners, One Tree Planted.

So, why One Tree Planted?

As a company, we’re making huge strides to ensure we’re socially, economically and environmentally responsible by introducing a number of initiatives to reduce our impact on the planet. Our latest venture with One Tree Planted has seen us plant 100 trees in Tanzania, Ghana and Ethiopia.

By donating each month, we help to fund reforestation around the world. We would love for you to be a part of this fantastic scheme and if you decide to opt in, you will help plant trees in North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Every individual contribution helps make an impact. If you would like to help, there are four ways you can do so:

Not only are you helping to plant trees, your money will provide social and environmental benefits, provides biodiversity, jobs and food to communities, aids climate regulation and helps to maintain the Earth’s natural water cycle.

The recent wildfires in California has been its most destructive on record, with a total of 7,500 fires burning an area of over 1,500,000 acres, so it has never been a better time to help rebuild not only this area, but across the globe.

The organisation has planted 4,390 trees in California since the wildfires began and is commited to long term of goal of planting 1 million by the end of 2019.

To plant a tree and save 8% off everything (including our ready-made range, sale items and samples, use code TINTREE8 at the checkout on the 23rd November till the 26th November.

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