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Aluminium Screw Lid Tin Collection Image

Round Aluminium Tin Container With EPE Lined Screw Lid In Silver Or Black

NEW STYLE AND COLOURS AVAILABLE! Colour: Silver & Black Packaging material: Aluminium...

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from £1.25
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Stationery Tins Collection Image

Silver Rectangular Stationery Tins with Hinged Lid

Colour: Silver Packaging material: Tinplate Closure style: Hinged slip lid Suitable for: Promotional items, st...

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from £1.25
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Sliding Lid Tin Collection Image

Silver Rectangular Tin with Sliding Lid

Colour: Silver Packaging material: Tinplate Closure style: Sliding lid Suitable for: Balm, Wax, Cream, Sweets,...

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from £1.25
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Heart Tins Collection Image

Heart Shaped Tin in Silver, Red or Rose Gold

NEW! Flame Red Colour Colour: Silver, red or rose gold Packaging material: Tinplate Closure style: Slip lid Suitable for: Candles, ...

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from £1.25
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Aluminium bottle collection image

Aluminium Screw Lid Bottles with Optional Pump or Spray Caps

NEW Colour: Silver Packaging material: Aluminium Closure style: Screw Lid with EPE Liner...

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from £0.83