Large Silver Rectangular Tin with Either a Solid or Window Stepped Slip or Hinged Lid

SKU T2340
  • Colour: Silver
  • Packaging material: Tinplate
  • Closure style: Solid or Window Lid
  • Suitable for: Cakes, Chocolate, Stationery
  • Box size: 12 Units


142 (L) x 102 (w) x 40 (h) mm 300 ml / 10.6 fl oz 12 units
169 (L) x 130 (w) x 57 (h) mm 1000 ml / 35.2 fl oz 12 units
195 (L) 153 (w) x 76 (h) mm 1400 ml / 49.3 fl oz 12 units


Large Silver Rectangular Tin with Either a Solid or Window Slip or Hinged Lid

*Please note - Products T2335 and T2335W are supplied with a hinged lid

This collection of large silver rectangular tins come with either a window or solid slip lid.

The tin is suitable packaging for anything from cakes and chocolates to stationery and games. All of our tins are coated with a food safe lacquer and can be branded using labels.


Do you need a sample to test? To order a sample, simply select the 'sample' option from the drop-down menu labelled 'Sample/Box'. A maximum of 10 samples can be ordered. Each sample is individually priced and a shipping charge of £3.00 applies on checkout. You will receive a £5.00 voucher off future full box quantities.

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  • Hi I am looking yo order 12 of the large rectangular tins but unsure when ordering how to clarify that I want clear lids, thank uou

    Stock tins with window lids always have SKU codes that end with a 'W'.  So when placing your order check the SKU code that comes up to make sure you have opted for the window lid version.