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Le Candele Di Laura

Le Candele Di Laura

Le Candele Di Laura is a homemade business run by the one and only, Laura. What started out as a small hobby, quickly transformed into a business venture. Initially Laura started making candles as Christmas gifts for friends and relatives but has since set up a Facebook page to sell her products globally.

The Challenge

Laura was constantly experimenting with the packaging of her product, creating elaborate shapes with glass including stars, tea cups and hand painted unique ceramics. Laura’s love for candles meant she was always on the lookout a new way to house her soy wax candles.

The Solution

Having scoured the web, Laura stumbled upon Tinware Direct. Having been an admirer of tin she decided to test our products. Over the Christmas period, her rose gold tins were a resounding success!

After the success of her rose gold tins, Laura was keen to add to more tins to her collection. She had a brainwave and thought heart shaped tins would fit in perfectly with her collection, so she immediately came back to us.

What Laura says:

‘'Of course I recommend you, you are a very professional company and always ready to listen to the customer’’

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