A white cardboard box with magnetic closure for Nocibe against a red background

Cardboard Packaging

Expertly Crafted Cardboard Packaging for Premium Products

Sustainable packaging solutions with Impact

Better for your brand and better for the planet.

Two Tinware Direct branded cardboard tubes. One tube has the One Tree Planter Reforestation Partner logo and SME Climate Hub logo.


Sustainably sourced, 100% recyclable and kind on the planet.


From rustic designs to vibrant finishes, magnetic seals & ribbons, cardboard packaging is easily customised to your brand.

Safe, Clean and Non-toxic

Food safe processes and finishes.

Consumer Preference

The preferred packaging material for environmentally conscientious consumers.

A picture of a thick forest.

Forest Friendly Packaging

Made from mixed sources, our cardboard packaging contains 70% recycled material and 30% from either reclaimed material or managed woods.

Stylish & Innovative Cardboard Packaging

Looking to get started? Take a look at some of our popular styles, designs and special packaging enhancement designed to make your product stand out and sell.

A telescopic cardboard tube packaging for tea bags.

Telescopic Cardboard Tube

Add Extra Durability and Strength with Telescopic Cardboard Tubes

A three piece shoulder cardboard box with fence dividers.

Three Piece / Shoulder Cardboard Box

Enhance the Appeal of Your Products with High-Quality Three-Piece Luxury Cardboard Boxes.

A one piece cardboard tube with a metal plug lid and base.

One Piece Cardboard Tube & Metal Plug Lid

Secure and Durable: Combine the Strength of Metal with the Rigidity of Cardboard.

Luxury cardboard book box packaging with internal punch inserts.

Cardboard Box with Punch Inserts

Enhance the unboxing experience with elegant packaging solutions for high-end products.

Butt joint cardboard tube packaging with a rolled edge.

Rolled Edge Butt-Jointed Tubes

Superior Quality Cardboard Tube Packaging to Prevent Fraying When Opened or Closed

A cardboard box with fence / divider inserts.

Fence / Divider Inserts

Secure Your Contents and Eliminate Damage with Internal Product Dividers for Cardboard Boxes.

Designers looking at pantone colours and logos for packaging design

Supporting your Packaging Journey

From concept to delivery, our team of packaging developers are on hand to support your journey, whether this is your first bespoke packaging project, your new to cardboard packaging or a veteran of the process, we're here to help.

We also offer cardboard packaging design services from our talented creative team who will make sure your product connects to your customers.

Ready to Get Started?

Starting your cardboard packaging project has never been easier. Simply tell us about your project and we’ll do the rest.

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