A range of different bespoke and labelled metal packaging for cosmetics and made from aluminium. A range of different bespoke and labelled metal packaging for cosmetics and made from aluminium.


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Uniquely Designed

Breathe life back into your packaging

Create impactful packaging, designed for your product.

Bespoke metal box packaging repeated as part of a production line.


Developed specifically to make your product standout against your competitors.


Create distinctive designs, shapes and finishes that reflect your brand.


Add new dimensions to your packaging with additional enhancements & features.


Keeps your product safe to ensure it arrives in the same condition as when it was packed.

Three different types and shapes of tins laid out in a line against a yellow background. The metal packaging contains biscuits, cakes, sweets or coffee.

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Enhance with Labels

Transform our range of ready-to-fill packaging and add a unique feel that represents your brand with our label printing service.

Create Bespoke Tin Packaging

Supercharge your product with bespoke packaging that's bright, bold with edge-to-edge print.

Design Your Cardboard Packaging

Unbox sustainable luxury: Customisable cardboard packaging that elevates your brand and product to new levels.

Reimagine Your Stand Up Pouch Packaging

Unleash your creativity and explore sustainable packaging designed to fit your product beautifully.

Free Reproduction

Looking to change up your packaging? We know that bespoke packaging can be expensive to develop, from new tooling to creating your first prototype.

At Tinware Direct, we have one of the largest tool collections available and we also offer free reproduction on all new products. So, whether you're looking to develop a new product or if you just want to swap to a more sustainable packaging solution, we're likely to have a tool available that will save you money and get your product to market quicker.

Labelled aluminium lip balm tin packaging.

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