Biodegradable stand-up pouch (Doy Packs) packaging in a kitchen setting.

Stand Up Pouch Packaging


    Discover our selection of stand-up pouch packaging, wonderfully suited for packaging confectionery, biscuits, coffee, tea, powders, and a variety of other possibilities. Available in black and brown colours as well as with or without a window, these wholesale doypack pouches are letterbox-friendly and ideal for delivering refills of popular products to your clients. Robust, and durable, the stand-up pouches can hold heavy weights without any risk of rips or tears. The pouches are designed with both a heat-sealable opening and a ziplock, ensuring it’s simple to keep food products preserved during transportation and after final delivery.   

    The freestanding pouches provide a unique marketing opportunity and will clearly highlight a label or print on a shop shelf or in a customer’s cupboard. The flexible, sustainable packaging is manufactured from kraft paper and bioplastics such as PLA. Certifiably biodegradable and industrially compostable, this packaging is ideal for the challenges of the circular economy.   

    New Arrival
    Stand Up Pouches with Window in three different sizes on a black background.
    Stand Up Pouch With Window
    Stand Up Pouch with Window