Silver Round Pressitin Body and Base

SKU T0897
  • Available in Silver
  • Tinplate
  • Push In Base & Pull Ring Opening
  • Suitable for: Gifts, Nuts, Socks, Limited-Edition Packaging
  • Box Size: 60 Units

The product is available to purchase in sizes* and pack quantities of:

  • Sizes
  • Description
  • Samples
73 (D) x 23 (h) mm 100 ml / 3.5 fl oz 60 units
73 (D) x 55 (h) mm 200 ml / 7.0 fl oz 60 units
73 (D) x 105 (h) mm 400 ml / 14.1 fl oz 60 units

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*Please note, measurements are external from curl to curl and are in millimetres (mm).

Silver Pressitin™

These silver tins are ideal for holding everything from gifts to nuts and pills to boxer shorts, but more commonly confectionery. This tin is sealed using bare hands and is then opened from the top using a ring pull mechanism, giving the product a unique novelty value. Other popular uses for the Pressitin™ include marketing campaigns and limited edition products.

The Pressitin™ is coated in a food safe lacquer. Please note, it is not recommended for use with tobacco, pressurised or liquid fillings - we have other options available to accommodate these.

* Please note, the Pressitin Plastic Over Caps are not included with the tins, please follow the link to add them to your order -Pressitin Plastic Over Caps

How to order a sample tin

To order a sample, simply select the 'Sample' option from the drop-down menu. You can order a maximum of 10 tin samples. Each sample is priced individually and a shipping charge of £3.00 applies on checkout. You will receive a £5.00 voucher off future orders for full box quantities.

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Ask a Question
  • Hello I wonder how I can close the cans that has the pull up lid as I can't understand it pls let me know

    This tin is closed/sealed by simply pushing in the base (without the need of any machine), the ring pull on the top then opens the tin.

  • do you supply lables for the tins if not can you reccomend where i can get some from. best wishes

    We do not have any printing facilities here.  We can recommend a few UK based companies to you to obtain quotations if required.

    Please confirm your email details and we will send you some links to obtain quotes.

  • I would be looking to get 2,000 of these with outer paper wrap also. Is that something you could do for me? If so, what would the cost be for the above x 2K with a full colour outer wrap? Very best, Lorri.

    Unfortunately we do not have any printing facilities here.  We can provide you with the template for the paper label so you can arrange to have them printed.

    We only have one recommendation for a local company who can get the paper labels printed and possibly quote to apply but they would have to quote you separately for this service.

    Would you like their details?