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Great looking packaging is important in ensuring your brand and product connects with consumers on the shelf.

From development to delivery, our team of experts are on hand to deliver outstanding service and high quality packaging at a competitive price. Bespoke tin designs are original and eye-catching and bring vibrancy and individuality to every brand we work with.

With a client list of global brands including Harrods, Pedigree, Tetley, Nintendo and Fortnum & Masons, you can rest assured that our quality and service is second-to-none!

  • Customisable packaging solutions developed around your brand
  • A fully comprehensive service taking your product from concept to delivery
  • Create any shape, size or design
  • Choose from a range of off the shelf packaging available for next day dispatch or create a custom tin based on your brand goals and designed around your product
  • Get support from our team of industry specialist on hand to help and advise you
  • Sustainably and ethically sourced materials
  • Only food safe lacquers and inks used on all our tins making them safe for a variety of uses from food to cosmetics
  • Our accreditations, Memberships and factory certifications include: ISO9001, SEDEX, MPMA, BRC, FDA, REACH, SVHC, BSCI and many more. Talk to our advisors for full details on accreditations and certification required for your products

To exceed customer expectations, offering unrivalled service to deliver packaging solutions which add value to your product and brand.


We aim to stand out from our rivals in the industry with our superb customer service and end-user targeted packaging. Ultimately, our job satisfaction comes from the successful launch and reception of a product which we have supplier packaging for.

We deliver high quality tinplate and aluminium boxes developed around your brand and brand values, and designed to ensure your products are presented in the highest quality packaging. At all times we exceed our customer expectations offering unrivalled service in order to deliver packaging solutions which add value to your brand and product.

Excellence: We provide consistently high quality service to all our customers. We believe in going the extra mile to ensure packaging solutions meet our customers’ requirements at all times. We couldn’t achieve this without recruiting, retaining and training excellent people who are able to use their knowledge and skills to consistently exceed customer expectations.

Quality: We work with some of the most prestigious brands in the world and we wouldn’t be able to do this without ensuring the highest standards throughout the manufacturing process, from development to delivery. We only use factory’s who meet strict quality guidelines and fulfil the requirements of our stringent regular auditing process to guarantee our customers will receive a high quality end product.

Responsibility: We take our environmental and ethical responsibilities seriously. We only source our products from suppliers who meet the highest ethical and environmental standards. At all times we aim to reduce our environmental impact by utilising recycled materials in our products, minimizing waste and introducing environmental policies within our offices.

Tinware Direct supplies high quality tinplate and aluminium box packaging developed around your brand and brand values. Our services include:

  • Bespoke packaging source, development and supply
  • Off the shelf metal packaging supply for next day dispatch
  • Development of metal components such as mats, card holders, closures and caps
  • Source of internal components for packaging including plastic and foam inserts, boxes and cartons
  • Free product samples showing similar tins, different finishes and lid options
  • Fully customised tins made to your specifications with samples provided for you to approve before production takes place
  • A fully comprehensive service taking your product from concept to delivery
  • Competitive pricing ensuring you get the best value
  • Full insurance up to 2 weeks after your tins have been delivered, giving you peace of mind that your products are covered for any damage in transit without you having to foot the bill for replacements

What goes around, comes around. Like metal - the most recycled packaging material. Contributing to the circular economy.

For more information visit www.mpma.org.uk

Steel for packaging, model material for a circular economy.

For more information visit www.apeal.org

According to a recent global survey by Nielsen 66% of people are willing to pay more money for socially responsible and sustainable products. Around 41% of those surveyed also stated that the environmental impact of packaging played a key role in their decision to buy a product and judge its sustainability.

So what is meant by sustainability?

Sustainability covers more than just the environmental impact of the packaging. The social responsibilities of a brand and the economic benefits to communities play a key role in ensuring a product is sustainable. Sustainability can therefore be broadly defined as meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising future generations to meet their needs.

How can I ensure my packaging is sourced sustainably?

The best way to ensure your packaging is sustainable is by asking key questions during your development and procurement stage such as:

  • Can the product be recycled?
  • Is it sourced from limited resources?
  • Can the product be made from or contain some recycled material?
  • How does your supplier meet your brands social values?
  • Does your supplier have policies in place to ensure materials are sourced responsibly?

How does Tinware Direct ensure the sustainability of the packaging it sells?

Believe it or not 99.9% of a tin is in fact made from iron converted into steel. The tin element is a coating used to finish the steel in order to provide a safe, clean, lustrous and non-toxic surface which can be safely used for food and many other products. Although there is no shortage of iron in the world, most of the iron used in the production of tins is in fact from recycled materials.

More steel is recycled in the world than any other material and tin boxes are also often reused within the house as decorative storage containers. It is this reusability and longevity of a tin box that makes them such a great brand and product asset, giving brands daily exposure and promotion to the consumer without cost and in a targeted way, helping to develop long-term brand loyalty.

With the highest recycling rates of any packaging material, and the fact that the packaging can be reused again and again and made into new tins, the use of metal packaging can greatly increase a company’s green image. Around 73% of metal packaging is recycled in Europe according to the MPMA.

As part of our efforts into ensuring social responsibility, we inspect and audit every factory we use to check the standards are met. Part of this process is identifying improvements that can be made in order to continually improve the lives of employees and the surrounding communities. We are also a member of Sedex, an organisation which is designed to help share information about supply chains in order to improve ethical standards by assessing four key pillars: Health and Safety, Labour Standards, Business Ethics and the Environment.

We do all this not just to give you peace of mind that your packaging is sourced sustainably and ethically, but because we think this is the way a responsible supplier should behave.

Research suggests that consumers are willing to pay more for products which are in a tin. It seems that the premium look of tins has significant consumer appeal, however many companies opt for other packaging alternatives believing that achieving the premium look is expensive to implement for the same reason as consumers believe tin products are superior, yet tin and aluminium packaging is surprisingly cheaper than many people imagine.

In addition to the low cost of metal packaging, its appeal is further boosted by its environmental credentials. As highlighted in the recent global packaging survey by Nielsen, 66% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. With the highest recycling rates of any packaging material, and the fact that the packaging can be reused again and again and made into new tins, the use of metal packaging can greatly increase a company’s green image. Around 73% of metal packaging is recycled in Europe according to the MPMA.

Metal packaging can also be moulded to any shape size or design, it’s structurally strong, light-weight and non-toxic making it a great packaging material.

Best of all, most people will reuse a metal tin around the house after the product it originally contains has gone. This gives brands daily exposure and promotion to the consumer without cost and in a targeted way, helping to develop long-term brand loyalty.

Packaging is often thought of as the visual identity of the brand. It’s what differentiates one brand from another. It helps a brand and product stand out and projects not only the quality of the product but also the brand values of a company.

There are three major aspects to consider when thinking about the visual impact of packaging:

  • Recognition

  • Differentiation

  • Attractiveness

In order to be successful, packaging must perform all three of these functions otherwise it is likely to fail as a package.

When considering packaging material we must also consider what is required from the packaging. There is little point in using plain plastic packaging for a high-end product as this will retract from the quality of the product and send the opposite message to your target audience. In addition the packaging needs to provide protection for the product it contains.

Brand value, protection and quality are often the reasons why tin boxes are selected to promote products. A tin box intrinsically becomes a keep sake and is reused within the house to store other items. This adds longevity to the brands messages, further promoting the brand and prompting repeat purchase. Tin also offers protection to products and instantly recognisable quality amongst purchasers. This is often the reason why many biscuit manufacturers, confectionery producers and cosmetics companies all opt to use tin above other packaging options.

Aston Business School has summarised the key emotional and psychological benefits of packaging. These include:

  • To be a communications tool for the marketers to express and convey the brand values and images

  • To be aesthetically pleasing

  • To create an emotional link with the right kind of target audience

  • To have a strong visual impact – to stand out, be eye-catching, to attract the eyes of consumers and gain attention on the shelf, to differentiate itself from other brands

  • To act as a reminder for the brand at the point of sale and at home

  • To be a living expression of what the brand stands for

  • To add value in the eyes of the consumer

  • To provide cues to the consumers to express their loyalty to the brand

There are few better materials than tin which meet these benefits, however, whatever packaging solution you choose to promote your product in, you should ensure you’ve considered the emotional and psychological benefits of packaging. Packaging is the most vital part of product, yet it is the one part of a product that is often undervalued and under exploited.


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