5 Customer Packaging Complaints You Should Consider

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Biscuit tin packaging on table

Nearly 70% of customers agree they’re influenced by the packing used when selecting a product. That’s why it’s important to choose a design and style that your customers will love. With that in mind, here are the main complaints buyers may have about the packaging of your products.

“It Doesn’t Match the Product”

Research shows that customers will spend less than a second looking at packaging in a retail store. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your box shows what’s hidden inside. If the labelling on the package isn’t clear or the design of the packaging is too abstract, it can lead to a missed sale.

“It’s Too Flimsy”

If your box is too fragile, then your customers will always complain. You need to deliver your products in packaging that will ensure items aren’t at risk of damage during the journey to their home. Clients also favour items that are easy to store. This is one of the reasons why tin packaging is popular with clients for a wide array of products. Tins remain durable for years if not decades.

“It’s Too Complicated”

Customers should never feel confused about how to open one of your products. Instead, it’s important to keep your package simple. If your customer feels the need to check your FAQ page when trying to open a product, then your box is too complicated. This can lead to negative feedback and problems with reviews. You can avoid this issue by keeping the user experience in mind when choosing your packaging design and style.

“It has a Boring Design”

Your product box doesn’t need to be dull or plain. It can be bright, beautiful, vibrant and send the right message. Your packaging is the first impression customers will receive of your product and your brand. You need to get this right. That’s why it’s worth investing in bespoke packaging or stylish labels.

Unique packaging will help your brand stand out in a crowded market. If you are investing in tin packaging, a beautiful design will also encourage clients to use your box or tin for other purposes. Whether storing extra items or keepsakes, tins are a practical choice. If a customer holds onto your tin, they will also have a constant reminder of your brand.

Alternatively, a stunning label on a standard box size will be more than enough to get your product noticed.

An extra point – 40% of customers will post pictures of packaging on social media that they find attractive or unique.

“It’s the Wrong Size”

In the world of packaging, size matters! Consumers love purchasing a product with the correct box size. It keeps things simple, efficient and saves space. You can also avoid the disappointment clients feel when they open a product that is only half full.

Your choices here can have a massive impact on levels of demand for your products. Keep these complaints in mind and you will choose packaging your customers are certain to appreciate. For more assistance in selecting the right packaging for your products, please do not hesitate to contact our team today.

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