Ensure Your Product Stands Out From The Competition

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Ensure your product stands out from the competition

No matter what sector you’re in, ensuring your product stands out from the crowd is of paramount importance. Before your product is displayed to the general public, there are a number important factors to consider.

1. Expressing your brand values clearly

Having a clear message that communicates your values is essential. Your packaging is the first thing customers will see, so it should succinctly state key information about your brand, as well as your company values.

2. Be different

Before determining packaging design, know your key market and figure out a way to relate to your customers. Maybe this means displaying either the one thing or multiple factors that makes you stand apart and highlighting this on your packaging. It could also mean creating a design that appeals on many sensory levels – visually, tactilely and emotionally.

3. What’s your type?

Typography can help your packaging jump out and accurately reflect your brand identity. Innovative and unique type styles ensure customers won’t walk away without noticing it. If you’re considering printing onto packaging, it is important to consider the following factors – point size, the style of the fonts used and the level or detail within your design.

4. Show your true colours

Select colours that both blend in with your product category while setting you apart. It is easy to get carried away in thinking bold is better but this is not always the case. Study your market and pinpoint areas you feel your product can visually stand out from the rest.

5. Take a step back

When you have come up with a few design options, put them all up on a wall or shelf. Then take a step back and see what stands out to you in terms of the colour, name and typography. Take a couple steps closer and see which of the messages are most compelling. Take another step closer – as if you are right in front of a product in a store aisle – and determine if you would pick up your product and buy it.

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When you finally feel your design is ready for print, speak to us to find out how we can help you achieve eye-catching packaging that instantly differentiates your product from the competition.

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