How To Look After New Candles?

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How To Look After New Candles?

Candles are the perfect way to make a room feel cosier while filling our homes with a fragrance. Burning a candle is actually harder than it seems.

This is what you need to know about burning a candle correctly…


From The Start

You should burn your candle for at least two to three hours in the beginning. This is to ensure that the wax melts perfectly and levels nicely. When the candle is uneven also known as ‘tunnelling’ it massively reduces the lifespan of the candle. This problem can sometimes be fixable if you let the candle burn for a while the next time.


Healthy Wick

A healthy wick will ensure that a candle lasts as long as possible, this is something to prioritise when looking after your candles. Did you know that wicks should be trimmed to 2.5cm? A shorter wick does a better job at creating a pool of wax, which is where the fragrance comes from. If the wick is too long then it will burn your candle faster than necessary.


Moving A Candle When Burning

It’s best to leave a candle in place until you’re ready to blow it out. Moving the candle while it’s lit could create a spillage or could even cause a fire hazard. When the wax is low in the jar the glass will be much hotter to touch, which can be very dangerous - can even cause you to drop the candle.


Storing A Candle

Candle waxes are sensitive to heat and light. So it’s important to be mindful of how you store the candles. It’s best to keep them in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. This will make sure you can enjoy your candle’s fragrance to the fullest.

These are the best ways to look after your candle properly and make sure the fragrance stays for longer to get the best possible use out of the candle.

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