Increasing Brand Exposure with Reusable Packaging

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Increasing Brand Exposure with Reusable Packaging

Product packaging plays a crucial role in brand exposure.

Increasing sales by attracting consumer interest and building loyalty is a never ending mission, but packaging plays a vital role in achieving this goal. Human beings tend to be quite visual, meaning they will respond to items they see more than those they hear. For this reason, unique packaging can help brands cultivate recognition and encourage increased loyal business.

Metal packaging has long been interpreted as a premium material and will remind your customers that they are purchasing a high-quality product. Often used to commemorate limited edition products, these types of packages are usually viewed as collectibles, thus encouraging a long-term relationship.

As the environment is a big concern for many, consumers have become more dedicated to recycling and other green pursuits. By choosing a recyclable packaging option, you’ll create a positive reputation and attract new customers who agree with your values. Not only does metal have the highest recycling rates of any other packaging material, consumers are opting for the endless re-usability options. By offering the unique quality of re-usability, brand exposure is extended long after the product has gone.

So how are consumers reusing tin packaging?

  • Pen Pot/Stationery Holder
  • Cutlery Holder
  • Hair Accessories Organiser
  • Herb Garden (click here to see a great example)
  • Flower Décor
  • Candle Making
  • Storage for Ornaments (i.e. Christmas Decorations)
  • Pet Food/Treats Container
  • Junk Draw Organiser
  • Craft Supplies Organiser
  • Sewing Kit Storage

Ensure your brand longevity is maximised by using tin for your next packaging project. At Tinware Direct, we provide a bespoke service allowing you to create any shape or size custom tin, based on your brand goals and designed around your product. Get in contact with us today to talk about your tin packaging options.

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