Packaging Tips for SMEs

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Packaging Tips for SMEs

For smaller brands, it is imperative that packaging doesn’t become an overlooked additional cost that can be reduced or cut.

Packaging works as one big call-to-action for the consumer – “buy me, I’m the best option”!

Here are some packaging tips to help you gain the attention of customers and grab a share of the market, whilst competing against established brands:

Form & Function

Initially there are 2 very basic considerations with packaging design. In its most basic form, packaging provides protection and identifies the product. The chosen packaging’s aim is to draw attention and make it an attractive buying prospect.

Be Creative

Today’s consumers are attracted to something a little out of the ordinary. A handmade design communicates an authentic and personalised feel, it has become increasingly important for brands to give a sense of smaller locally cultivated products through packaging. Unusual materials and shapes are eye-catching on the shelf and therefore become recognisable. Being creative is fun, create a unique niche!

Be Clear

However, too much creativity can lead to ambiguity. In some cases it’s not clear what’s actually inside the packaging, whether this be from cluttered information overload, or too little and minimal information. It’s best to avoid frustrated consumers (and missed sales) by ensuring the packaging provides concise information.

Be Sustainable

Sending an environmentally positive message about your brand is a must! Previously, products themselves that market as Organic or Fairtrade have been packaged to follow suit. Nowadays, regardless of what is being sold, sustainable packaging is essential.

Metal packaging recycles forever, making it far more sustainable than most packaging alternatives. Furthermore, tin boxes are often reused by consumers within the house, adding longevity to brand exposure, resulting in fully immersed consumers and encouraging repeat consumer purchase.

Let your packaging tell your product’s story! Overall, perceived consumer needs should align with visually desirable and appealing packaging.

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