Packaging Trends Shaping Up For 2020

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Packaging Trends Shaping Up For 2020

Every year, the packaging industry produces some unique trends. Consumer buying habits change with time and in 2020 we expect to see some new things come to fruition. From sustainability and environmentally friendly packaging to "smart packaging" and beyond, the future is here!

Sustainability & Environmentally Friendly Packaging

2020 will see an even greater demand for sustainable packaging. Last year saw some of the largest climate change protests ever in the history with large demonstrations not only here in the UK, but all over the world. As the millennial and ‘Z’ generations continue expanding into the workforce and become greater consumers – sustainability, recycling and environmental issues will continue to take centre stage.

Smart Packaging & Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and smart packaging are now more closely related than ever, due to continued advances in technology we will be seeing more interactive and multimedia applications for augmented reality in regards to everything from wine to toys.

The rise of the unboxing experience for vintage, luxury, and unique packaging experiences continue to draw consumers to unexpectedly moving experiences, we will likely continue to see the merging of traditional packaging materials being crossed with digital technologies in ways never seen before.

Vintage Packaging

In the world of packaging this means the we will be seeing more designs based on vintage aesthetics and colours. Typography, colour tones, messaging, branding and related dynamics will be reaching for their for-bearers success by tugging at the emotions these designs have on consumers both young and old. The allure in this trend rests in the fact that vintage packaging boasts an air of beauty, quality, fashion and respect that many modern types of packaging have left behind for cost reduction and sustainability concerns.

Minimalist Packaging

Minimalism in packaging is a reference not only to the amount of packaging material being used in order to ensure the least impact on the environment, but also in regards to the branding of the product contained within it. Straight forward, easy to digest, high contrast designs that clearly and simply state the contents of the package are paramount to many consumers going into 2020.

While there are many reasons for the rise of minimalist packaging, consumers demand for simplicity and environmentally friendly products are two of the driving factors behind the growth of these items. Flexible packaging supplies have seen steady growth over the past few years for these very reasons.

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