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The Pressitin Trio

Towards the end of 2017, we introduced a new size to the existing range of our European patented product, Pressitin™ - once a pair, now a trio.

What’s so great about Pressitin?

We waved goodbye to the traditional cumbersome procedure of creating cans, and introduced a sealable tin by simply pushing in the base on with bare hands – no tools and no machines.

It’s then re-opened by using the ring pull top, essentially achieving the same look and feel as a conventional baked bean can.

What can the range be used for?

It’s so versatile, name any item and it can probably be stored in the Pressitin. So far, it has been used to package socks, chocolate, nuts, boxer shorts and everything in-between – the list is still continuing to grow! We’ve learnt that these tins have become popular for more uses than just packaging, as they’re featured in campaigns (as freebies or direct marketing), as well as featuring in various forms on sites such as notonthehighstreet.

Once opened, can it be closed again?

Yes and no. Once the ring pull is activated and pulled away from the tin, this cannot be reapplied. However, there’s matching caps available to purchase in addition – this will preserve the freshness and provide protection against dust.

There’s no doubt that the Pressitin presentation adds a noticeable increase in sales due to its premium look. Next to cellophane bags of “homemade spicy peanuts”, our tins look impressive.

                                                                                                                     Stuart MCallister, Owner of Hot-Headz!

What sizes are the available in the collection now?

All have the same diameter of 73 mm, with 3 different height sizes of 23 mm, 55 mm and 105 mm. The newest small tin is a similar size to a tuna can and has plenty of uses!

Can I try it out?

Definitely, we always recommend trying before committing! Order a sample and get testing.

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