What Impact Can Nostalgia Have on Sales?

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What Impact Can Nostalgia Have on Sales

Recent trends in retail have swayed backwards to vintage designs, with plenty of brands showcasing their history and boosting sales with packaging that evokes nostalgia.

Businesses can generate extra sales and increase awareness of their products by tapping into the market of nostalgia. The retail industry has seen multiple brands working nostalgia into their marketing and product packaging, which has proven a hit with consumers.

Comfort food

Nostalgia often creates a feeling of comfort, which is why it can be a successful way to market goods. Consumers remember shared heritage, history, or personal memories when viewing vintage packaging, which can be a driving force when choosing products.

Food manufacturers are a perfect example of businesses using nostalgia to sell their goods. Big name brands that use the emotions of nostalgia include Coca Cola, Tunnock’s, and Bisto. Kellogg’s celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012 by releasing limited edition versions of their products in replica packaging from the 1950s, and Cadbury have recently increased their marketing for Milk Tray by introducing a new Milk Tray man, to echo their advertising from the 60s to the 90s.

Cosmetic appeal

It’s not just food that is using nostalgia to increase their sales, cosmetic company Benefit’s foundations are built on referencing the beauty looks of the 1940s and 50s. Their mid-market line of beauty products focus on great quality items sold in beautiful, yet practical, packaging. From their Dr Feelgood balm labelled with an image that could be a screen shot from a silent film, to their Some kind-a gorgeous foundation resembling vinyl, they understood the power of nostalgia long before the rest of their market caught on.

How your business can create packaging for nostalgia marketing

Whether you’re a company steeped in history, or you’re just stepping out into the retail world, there are plenty of ways you can use nostalgia to increase your sales and brand awareness.

Creating vintage-look designs for your product packaging is an effective way to grasp that nostalgic appearance. Think about your target market and any eras that they may feel nostalgic about, then carefully research the trends of that time. Popular culture is currently focused on 90s fashion, with millennials wanting to keep hold of their youth, so it may be worth looking back to the not so distant past for inspiration.

The next step to consider is the materials to use for package your products. A sturdy tin is great for packaging as it was fairly common packaging from the 1940s onwards. Tin can also add the concept of exclusivity and limited edition feels to a product, which is known to drive sales.

Tinware Direct are manufacturers of custom tins that are ideal for businesses who wish to make use of the nostalgia marketing trend. For more information about our products, please get in touch by calling +44 1234 77 2001.

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