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Candle Tins Leeds


At Tinware Direct, we have a wide range of ready-made cans. If you are looking for cans for candles, you are in the right place. We have two different materials for our candle cans, tinplate and aluminium.


The Tinware Direct team will be happy to help you find the right candles for your business. We have many different candle holders to suit your business needs.


Aluminium tins for candles

We also have various aluminium candle holders in stock, our silver round aluminium seamless inner and silver round rectangular inner. We have different sizes of both of these cans to suit all needs.


Tinplate Candles

There are ten different styles of candle tins. Tinplate is known to be a thicker material, so our customers prefer to use this material for their candles.


100 ml candle tin and 250 ml tin

We have four different colours in our can with a rounded welded side seam - red, gold, silver and rose gold. We know that our customers value choice, so we think it's important to offer as many options as possible. We also offer two different sizes of this can, 100 ml and 250 ml.


Heart-shaped tin candle

We sell heart-shaped cans in three different colours - red rose gold and silver. It is ideal for small candles because we sell them in 20 ml and 50 ml.


Silver tin for a round candle

We sell a can with a colour in the style of a silver circle suitable for the production of candles. This can have a lever cover similar to a can of paint. We sell these cans in two different sizes, 125ml and 250ml.


If you have any questions, please contact our team. You can email our team at or call our team on 0800 170 7 170.