Cosmetic Packaging Leeds

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Cosmetic Packaging Leeds

At Tinware Direct we have a great range of cosmetic packaging stock tins ideal for quick delivery and filling. In the event that you are searching for tins to fill with your beauty care products, you are in the right place! We have several material options available including, aluminium, tinplate and even cardboard tubes and jars.


The group at Tinware Direct are eager to assist you in finding a tin packaging solution for your business. We have a lot of various tins sizes, shapes and colours to suit your business needs.


Aluminum Cosmetic Tins

We hold a wide selection of aluminium tins in various shapes and sizes and can advise you on the right options for your cosmetic products. Our Round Aluminum Tin Container with EPE liner is ideally suited for any creams or lip balms. We also have aluminium screw-top bottle containers with an optional pump, which is great for holding creams and body wash.


Tinplate Cosmetic Tins

There are numerous tinplate packaging containers available in various shapes, sizes and colours. An ideal tinplate container for lip balm would be our Slip Lid Lip Balm Tins, which are perfect balms, hair removal waxes and any non-water-based items. We have an extensive range of tinplate tins, such as the Heart-Shaped Tins which is ideal for combining your cosmetic range into a seasonal limited edition gift box for events such as Mother's Day, Christmas and birthdays.


Cardboard Cosmetic Tubes

We have three unique cardboard packaging for Cosmetics.


Tubes with Internal Shaker

We have a Cardboard Shaker Tube which is ideal for beauty care products and waxes. This cylindrical cardboard packaging comes in two sizes.


Antiperspirant Tubes

There is a push-up base cardboard tube in black, white and natural finish kraft. This tube is ideally suited for normal antiperspirant or sunscreen sticks. The cardboard tube is made from FSC paper and is fully recyclable. It also has a water-resistant lining that eliminates moisture transfer.


Cardboard Jars

There are cardboard jars with a water-resistant liner too. This product comes in white, brown and matte black. This jar is great for balms and waxes.