Cosmetic Packaging London

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Cosmetic Packaging London

At Tinware Direct we have a large range of ready to fill tins. If you are looking for tins to put your cosmetics in, then you are in the right place. We have two different cosmetic tin materials to choose from, aluminium and tinplate. We can even supply specialist cardboard packaging that contains a special liner to make it suitable for cosmetic items such as creams, balms and powders.

The team at Tinware Direct are on hand to help and advise you to ensure you find the right cosmetic tins for your business. Our cosmetic tins come in a wide range of colours, sizes, shapes and styles, making them suitable for all your cosmetic packaging needs. We can even create bespoke cosmetic tin packaging in aluminium or tinplate.


Aluminium Cosmetic Tins

We hold an extensive range of aluminium cosmetic tins, The Round Aluminum Tin Container with EPE liner is perfect for any creams or lip balms and is available in lots of sizes. The EPE liner within the cosmetic tin also helps to preserve the cosmetics inside to ensure long-lasting freshness and low moisture transition rates. We also have aluminium screw lid bottles with optional pumps or spray caps, which are perfect for holding creams or shampoos.


Tinplate Cosmetic Tins

There are lots of tinplate cosmetic tins in different shapes and sizes. Our main cosmetic tins in tinplate would be our Slip Lid Lip Balm Tins which are perfect for beard waxes, hair wax and any non-water-based cosmetic products. We also have a lovely heart-shaped tin perfect for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and Birthdays. This tin is available in three different colours and two sizes.

Cardboard Cosmetic Tubes

We offer three different cardboard packaging tubes purposely made for Cosmetics. The Cardboard Shaker Tube is perfect for dry shampoo, talcum powder and other powdered cosmetic items. This tube is available in two different sizes.


Deodorant Tubes

We also offer a push-up base cardboard tube in black, white and brown kraft. This tube is perfect for natural deodorant or sunscreen sticks. The tubes are made from recycled cardboard and have an interior water-resistant lining that eliminates moisture transfer.

Cardboard Jars

There are cardboard jars with a water-resistant liner too. This product comes in white, brown and matte black. This jar is great for balms, waxes and even food items!