10 Must Have Tips For Designing Eye-Catching Product Packaging

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Bespoke confectionery tin packaging

Did you know that 57% of people literally judge a book by its cover? Most people will pick a book to buy and read based solely on the front design. They won’t even bother reading the synopsis. 

But what about products? Are customers selecting products based on the initial packaging design? Studies show packaging is even more important. Approximately 7 in 10 customers are influenced by packaging when choosing which product to buy. 

So, how can you ensure that your product catches the right level of interest? Here are some of the key possibilities.

1. Use Your Logo

You need your packaging to be both memorable and eye-catching. Images, graphics, and symbols all play a huge part here. Why is this? The picture superiority effect is a phenomenon where images are more likely to be remembered than words. The reason for this is widely debated. Regardless, it’s been used to formulate marketing strategies for decades. This is also why it’s important to take your time with the logo design for your company. When we think of Disney, Apple, and Nike, it’s impossible not to think about the castle, the bitten fruit, and then tick. This is what you should be aiming for with your business. Once your logo is widely recognised, it only makes sense to use it as part of your packaging design. 

2. Include A Hand-Written Note

Increased levels of personalisation is a key request from modern consumers today. They want products which feel as though they are specifically made for them.

A written note is the easiest and most effective option to provide a personalized product. This can be handwritten or created by a professional marketing agency, depending on your budget. It  could be a simple “thank you for purchasing the product.” Or, you could be more creative. Include a QR code which links to exclusive content, a unique discount count, or a tease for an upcoming item. The possibilities are endless and provide brilliant opportunities.

3. Choose A Colour Scheme

Colour in marketing is critical. Your colour choice can alter the perception of both your brand and your product. It also makes your products easier to identify on shelves. Your packaging design should include colours synonymous with your brand identity. If you are using an outsourcing solution to create packaging or labels for your business, make sure they are provided with a copy of your brand guidelines. Once you select the right colour scheme, you can use it for all your products, building up a consistent marketing strategy.

4. Break Free From The Mould

Before you start designing packaging, you should always complete plenty of market research. You may find all your competitors are using similar types of packaging from the design to the colour choices. If that’s the case, it could be worth trying something completely different, while still appealing to your target audience. For instance, if your competitors tend to choose dark shades of packaging, you could try something lighter and brighter. However, it still needs to make sense for your target audience.

5. Create Something Completely Unique

Unboxing products has become an event unto itself. Similarly, customers are eager to share packaging online which stands out and is different from the norm. That’s why a lot of businesses are using bespoke packaging design services. With the right custom packaging service you can create cardboard or metal containers that fit your product and your brand perfectly. Choose from features including:

  • Printed lids
  • Embossed interior designs 
  • Colourful images 
  • Unique shapes 

From easter-egg shaped tins to festive boxes, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with the right service.

6. Be Clear

Don’t leave customers guessing about what your product is, who it's for and why they should purchase it. You need to be clear with your marketing message and this will always include your packaging design. This could mean the right label or you can create a complete package that gives customers a reason to choose your product. Everything from the colour to your choice of font can help customers identify the purpose of your product, purely from the packaging. For instance, cosmetic products tend to be marketed in packaging with a minimalistic design. 

7. Design Around Your Target 

You always need to choose a design which fits your target audience. You could be selling a luxury product to a high-end consumer base. If that’s the case, then the packaging needs to reflect this. Tinplate packaging is a fantastic choice for luxury products. It looks incredible and suggests quality. Alternatively, you could sell a product aimed at parents and children. In this case, the design should be fun, playful, loud and bright. These elements are always part of packaging design choices for products including children's toys or food and sweets that are marketed towards kids. 

8. Use Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. While it may take more time and money, adding an image to your packaging will help make your product more memorable. You can use images to show the product hidden inside. Or, you could choose packaging with a window to show off the product and make your container more appealing.

9. Stay On Trend And In Season

You can make your packaging more eye-catching by changing it based on trends including seasonal choices. Festive packaging is one option that will provide fantastic benefits and provide plenty of opportunities for creative designs. This could include packaging in the shape of baubles, Christmas trees, or snowmen to name just a few possibilities. Be aware packaging designs like this take time. As such, if you are planning on creating products for the festive season, you need to start researching a service in March.

10. Promote Sustainability

As well as being swayed by different packaging choices, customers are also swayed by packaging materials and sustainability. You can demonstrate that your products are sustainable with correct certification and labelling. This will inform customers your packaging is recyclable, reusable, or fully biodegradable. 

70% of consumers are likely to be influenced by sustainable packaging with compostable materials the preferred choice across Europe. 

While the tide is certainly shifting here, a lot of businesses continue to select single-use packaging for their products. By exploring a new direction, you can help guarantee your products make more of an impact.

We hope this helps you create the ultimate product packaging that will stand out and attract plenty of attention from your target audience. Do you need help crafting a great design? At Tinware Direct, we have a team of experts on-hand. We can support you every step of the way from first concept to final delivery. 

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