The Benefits Of Doypack Packaging

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The Benefits Of Doypack Packaging

Are you exploring new packaging choices for your products? If so, then you should consider doypacks as a suitable option. Also known as stand up pouches, doypacks are consumer friendly, economical, sustainable and highly customisable. In this, article we’ll explain everything you need to know about this packaging option including why it could be the perfect fit for your products.   

History Of Stand Up Pouches  

In 1962, Louis Doyen was searching for a packaging solution suitable for transporting fruits that needed to be preserved. At the time, glass jars were the most popular choice. However, glass packaging is both expensive, heavy, and delicate, leading to issues during transportation. Thus the doypack was born; a new type of lightweight packaging that was cost-effective and consumer friendly. Since initial conception, designers have consistently made improvements to stand up pouch packaging, ensuring they meet modern customer requirements.   

Benefits Of Stand Up Pouch Packaging   

There are many advantages of using stand up pouches for your products. Here are some key examples to consider.   


The latest stand up pouches are made from sustainable materials. Biodegradable and compostable, the products leave no waste behind and when they decompose, they provide benefits to the surrounding soil. The pouches are made from kraft paper and bioplastics such as PLA.   


Flexible packaging is created using non-rigid, adaptable materials. Providing economic and aesthetic benefits, flexible packaging is incredibly popular with modern customers. One significant advantage of doypacks being flexible is that they can easily fit through a typical letterbox. They are also useful for sending out refills of products customers already know and love.   


While stand up pouches are both light and flexible, they are also tough and durable. Kraft paper pouches can hold heavy weights and are unlikely to tear or rip during transportation. You can use them to pack a wide range of products and keep them safe throughout the logistics process, up until final delivery. These pouches may also have a zip lock or heat sealable opening, ideal for preserving contained products. 


Doypacks provide a unique and valuable marketing benefit. Once filled, the underside gusset expands. This allows the packaging to stand freely when displayed on shelves. With the right label or print, they will clearly display the logo, name, or message of a brand. They are perfect for creating an eye-catching display that immediately intrigues a buying audience.   


Due to their strength, flexibility and unique design features, doypacks are suitable for a wide range of products. They can be used for packaging confectionery, baked goods, powders, cosmetics, and countless other dry products.   

As you can see stand up pouches are a wonderful packaging option for any brand and the perfect fit for a company eager to be part of the circular economy. The infographic below provides even more information about doypacks and their unique advantages:

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