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Black cosmetic aluminium packaging

Increased Customer Demand Pushing Beauty Brands Towards Sustainable Packaging

Learn why customers are desperate for cosmetic companies to embrace sustainability.

NewsTube of Pringles crisps

Two Top Brands Upgrade To Sustainable Packaging For 2024

2024 has just begun and already brands are changing their packaging to ensure that they can meet their environmental objectives. 

InsightsThe Benefits Of Doypack Packaging

The Benefits Of Doypack Packaging

Stand Up Pouches or Doypacks are a sustainable, versatile solution for packaging a wide range of products. Learn about the key benefits of this type of biodegradable packaging.

InsightsAre you looking to make a switch from glass to metal?

Are you looking to make a switch from glass to metal?

There are many news articles detailing the current energy crisis, people are currently wondering how they will survive. Businesses are apprehensive about being able to stay open. Let’s tr...

InsightsHow does cardboard get recycled?

How does cardboard get recycled?

There can be some misunderstanding about what cardboard can be recycled. Recycling cardboard is pretty straightforward as it can all be recycled! It’s a high-quality material that can be ...

InsightsAvoiding Climate Change As A Business

Avoiding Climate Change As A Business

In order to avoid the worst effects of climate change, greenhouse gas emissions must be cut in half by 2030 and net-zero emissions must be achieved by 2050 at the latest. Did you know our...

NewsPlastic Packaging Tax

Plastic Packaging Tax

The UK government has announced the introduction of the Plastic Packaging tax, which applies to all plastic manufactured or imported into the UK that does not contain 30% recycled plastic...