Avoiding Climate Change As A Business

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Avoiding Climate Change As A Business

In order to avoid the worst effects of climate change, greenhouse gas emissions must be cut in half by 2030 and net-zero emissions must be achieved by 2050 at the latest. Did you know our planet is warming? This means climate change is happening a lot faster than we predicted, but we still have time to change this by limiting warming to 1.5° C according to this report. Do you know what is at stake if we don’t limit our global warming?


  • Sea level rise
  • Heatwaves
  • Flooding
  • Wildlife habitat
  • And lots more!


In order to help with this, we are proud to announce that we have pledged to the SME Climate Commitment. An internationally recognised climate commitment that is aligned with the latest climate science. The climate hub is for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which provides information about the climate commitment and access to tools. They work with the leading partners with the goal to make the path towards a net-zero business simple and beneficial.


The commitment is as follows:


We recognise that climate change poses a threat to the economy, nature and society-at-large, our company commits to take action immediately in order to:


  1. Halve our greenhouse gas emissions before 2030
  2. Achieve net-zero emissions before 2050
  3. Disclose our progress on a yearly basis


Taking part in the SME Climate Commitment means we are proud to be recognised by the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, and join governments, businesses, cities, regions, and universities around the world that share the same mission.


Tinware Direct’s new commitment takes our current environmental actions and commitments further, aiming to further reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions as well as those within our supply chain. There are three key areas we will focus on:


  • Scope 1 - All direct greenhouse gas emissions
  • Scope 2 - All indirect greenhouse gas emissions arising from electricity, heat or steam consumption
  • Scope 3 - All other indirect emissions


For Tinware Direct to be successful everyone in the company is committed to the pledge and we will work as a team to help us to identify and innovate ideas to help cut our greenhouse gas emissions through policies, procedures, new technology, and actions.


We are going to be working smarter in our commitment to net-zero and play our part as a company in reducing the impact climate change will have on the world.


To find out more about the pledge and sign up yourselves visit the SME Climate Hub. 

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