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What is COP26?


Have you heard about countries getting together to talk about climate change sometime soon?


The United Nations climate process happens to be one of the most important and confusing things happening on the planet. World leaders are gearing up for what is known as COP26. It is a chance to start winding down greenhouse gas emissions tied to burning fossil fuels.


What does COP26 mean?

COP stands for ‘Conference of Parties’. Once a year representatives from every country gather in the same physical space to tackle international climate change action and policy related to the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). COP26 is the name of this year’s big conference which is taking place between 31st October - 12th November. The 26 stands for the fact there have been 25 ‘COPs’ taken place already. This year’s conference is in Glasgow.


As climate change is a huge problem, it’s not something that can just be tackled in a few meetings. Most of the COPs are devoted mostly to figuring out the technical details of particular agreements.


The approach will be guided by the COP26 Sustainability Governing Principles:


  • Actively manage potential impacts on the environment and local community and identify opportunities to deliver environmental and social value 
  • Provide an accessible and inclusive setting for all 
  • Encourage healthy living  
  • Ensure a safe and secure atmosphere 
  • Encourage more sustainable behaviour 
  • Promote the use of responsible sources and responsible use of resources throughout the supply chain 
  • Leave a positive legacy


They will collaborate with delivery partners, suppliers and interested parties to enable innovation with the aim of delivering positive legacy impacts beyond COP26 for Glasgow and the United Kingdom.


Will you be joining COP26? If you would like to find out more about COP26 please take a look at their website.

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