Enhancing Sales Through Limited Edition Packaging

March 08, 2016

Enhancing Sales Through Limited Edition Packaging

Limited edition packaging is an innovative tactic to engage with your target audience, create brand excitement and ultimately drive sales.

It works best when tying in with an event or occasion as it amplifies significance and provides relevance. With final bespoke tin ordering already taking place for Christmas 2016, what better time to consider a limited edition strategy?

The advantages:

Returning Loyal Customers - An important contributing factor to retaining a loyal customer base is exceeding expectations with every sale that is made. Limited edition packaging will also add greater perceived value to an existing core product range by making the audience feel like they are receiving ‘something special’, setting you apart from your competitor(s).

New Impulse Buyers - An eye-catching design and a limited edition stamp will attract customers who might not have considered your product otherwise.

Creating Demand through Exclusivity - An exclusive design and restrictive time selling period will make your product highly sought after.

Chance to Reinforce - Ensure your packaging tells a story and is appropriate for your target audience and the occasion. Reinforce your ethos and values to affirm your audience have made the correct brand choice.

When using limited edition branding effectively, it will leverage your brand with a ‘feel good’ association and in turn increase your sales and profitability.

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