Everything You Need To Know About Our Label Service

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Everything You Need To Know About Our Label Service

If you require custom printed labels or stickers, look no further. We now offer a labelling service that can be ordered along with selected tins to ensure your products packaging has a professional finish. With a minimum order of 500 units, our labelling service provides not only a cost-effective solution, but a quick turnaround time – ideal for small business owners who often need professional quality labels at a moment’s notice.

So what materials, finishes and adhesives do we offer?

Materials & finishes

  • Paper Stickers
  • Uncoated Paper
  • Glossy Paper
  • Correction Paper
  • Fluorescent Paper

Waterproof Vinyl Stickers

  • White Glossy Vinyl
  • White Matt Vinyl
  • Clear Glossy Vinyl
  • Clear Matt Vinyl
  • White Window Stickers
  • Clear Window Stickers
  • Correction Vinyl Gloss
  • Fluorescent Vinyl
  • Glossy Laminated Vinyl
  • Matt Laminated Vinyl
  • Holographic Vinyl
  • Metallic Vinyl
  • Brushed Metallic Vinyl
  • Polished Metallic Vinyl
  • Crystal Frost Vinyl



The level of adhesion suits the majority of sticker uses from bottle labelling to cosmetic labelling. A permanent adhesive is harder to peel then a removable adhesive yet is still not impossible to take off.


A low-tack, peelable adhesive solution. Great for sticking price labels to paper book or magazine covers ensuring no sticky residue is left behind or marking the printed cover underneath. Can be peeled off easily, great for short-term advertising.


If you’re looking for an extra strong sticky label, this is the choice for you. Perfect for health and safety labelling, please note this adhesive can still be removed from certain surfaces.


An adhesive free option, only available for our window stickers. A double-sided material which allows application from either side. This material will cling to any smooth glass surface with the added bonus of being peel and re-use.

Products our labels are suitable/we can quote for:

SKU Codes:

T5602, T5605, T2340, T2340W, T2337, T2337W, T2335, T2335W, T2105, T2108, T2106, T2107, T4039, T4008, T4008W, T4007, T4061, T4066, T4005, T1812W, T1814W, T1010, T1020, T1030, T1040, T1055, T1065, T1075, T0897, T0898, T0899, T4010, T4011, T4012, T4013,  T0088, T0664, T0668, T0856 , T0877, T0706, T0718, T0708, T0709, T0704W, T0706W, T0708W, T0709W, T0003, T9001, T9003, T9005, T9007, T9008, T9009, T9009W, T9011 T9234, T9236, T9245, T9301, T9305, T9307, T9308, T0738W,T0748W, T0855, T0878, T0879, T0362, T0364, T4952, T4951, T07090, T07091


We have everything we need at your disposal, just let us know the tin’s SKU code and we will be able to provide you with a quote for both the tins and labels.

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