Go Beyond with Multi-Sensory Packaging

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Go beyond with Multi-sensory packaging

The more engagement a product creates, the more positive impact on sales it will receive.

Standing apart from the crowd and shouting ‘it’s-all-about-me’ can be somewhat difficult to achieve. A multi-sensory approach will draw shoppers in with the visual element first and continue to engage on a personal level with an additional sense (or all the senses)! The more senses that are appealed to encourage the point of sale purchase decision.

Arguably, visual enhances on packaging is the easiest and fastest way to create brand recognition and begin the engagement with consumers. A window feature allows the consumer to see exactly what the product is, but remember, the quality of the product inside must be reflected on the packaging outside. Another tactic to appeal to the sight is through surface finishes. They offer a spectacular shelf appeal and help achieve an overall specific look to the package.

The available finishes for tin packaging:

  • Gloss: Adds vibrancy to a package
  • Crackle: Conveys an authentic or vintage feel Silver
  • Glow: Adds depth, sophistication and intense richness
  • Matt: Creates a luxurious modern feel
  • Combined Matt & Gloss: An elegant, subtle finish
  • Metallic: Harness the properties of tinplate to create a truly shiny finish

Consumers are more likely to purchase a product after picking it up and interacting with it, so it’s important that the touch sense is thought about tactfully. Embossing can be used to raise certain areas of a tin to highlight key aspects (such as a logo), or a larger surface area can be embossed to add a whole new dimension. This also works in the opposite way, by debossing. Not only will this prompt consumers to reach for the product, it will literally make the package pop off the shelf. Another useful tactic to look it as the actual shape of the tin. An unusual shape also intrigues shoppers to hold the package themselves.

It’s also worth thinking about how other senses can be stimulated, whether it be through the sound that is made when the packaging is opened (a popping or vacuum closure) or the smell of inviting aromas (after all metal packaging guarantees product freshness) and of course the actual taste.

Through innovative packaging, the more senses that are appealed to, the more strongly a target audience will connect with the product, thus impacting purchases in a positive direction.

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