Innovative Packaging Ideas

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Innovative Packaging Ideas

There are limitless ideas for making innovative creative packaging!

Packaging can mean the success or downfall of your product. Brands are opting for increasingly imaginative and creative designs to stay ahead of the competition in an attempt to grab a bigger share of the market by inspiring and attracting consumers.

Take a look at the following innovative concepts for your brand to consider when designing product packaging:

Complement the Product

Ensure the design on the packaging is in alignment with the actual product that’s inside. For example, if you have an organic product, the design needs to correspond with a natural and simple theme.


Don’t be afraid to make the most of simplicity. As long as you ensure a concise message is driven through the design, a sophisticated look can be enough to sell your product.


Packaging that serves another purpose is always enticing for consumers. Additionally, being eco-friendly is a great way for people to connect with your brand. Not only does it provide an extra reason for shoppers to reach for your product on the shelf, it’s an added bonus to extending brand exposure far longer. Tin packaging is the perfect go-to material for achieving this.

Use Texture

Connect with not only the sense of sight, but with the sense of touch when consumers are physically interacting with your product. By using tactile textures, it encourages consumers to reach out and hold the package, whilst heightening the amount of time they spend engaging with it. Use an emboss or deboss tin enhancement on different areas of the tin.

Tell a Story

Understand who you are and what you want to tell to conclude your brand story. Think about how the overall attitude of the brand is conveyed (whether it be the terminology or branding design) to appeal to the right target audience.

Give a Sneak Peek

This one says what it does on the tin (literally). Being able to see what’s inside is incredibly alluring, the consumer will be able to tell the quality of the product before purchasing. Tin packaging caters for a window insert, whilst still protecting the product inside.

Be Different

If a lot of people produce your product, be unusual with your design, or look at a different packaging material altogether. Who says you need to follow the crowd?

Don’t Be Too Serious

Most importantly, if you have the opportunity, be playful! Whether it be using imagery that is unexpected, incorporating humour or using current trends. Whatever it may be, there are limitless possibilities in successfully attracting consumer attention.

For your next packaging project, create a bespoke tin. Select a material and decide on the shape and size, as well as having the option to choose from a wide range of print finishes (gloss, matt, metallic, etc.) and enhancements (emboss, deboss, stackable, windows).

Contact us to begin your innovative packaging project. Drop us an email or call us on +44 (0)1234 772001 for further information.

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