Metal, The Top Performing Packaging Material
Metal, The Top Performing Packaging Material

Metal, The Top Performing Packaging Material

Steel is a vital component to a number of important machines, structures and objects. Whether it be used for cars, construction or packaging, the steel industry is as lucrative as it is relevant. With the importance of steel abundantly clear, the importance of steel recycling is just as significant, and it has been for a number of decades.

Proven and convenient, metal offers premium packaging solutions to meet a wide range of market needs.


  • Unbreakable impact-resistant and puncture resistant
  • Withstand various temperatures and pressures
  • Provide a total barrier against light, gas and oxygen
  • Preserve contents perfectly and deliver safe products


  • Quick and easy to use
  • The choice for on-to-go from a beverage can to a deodorant can
  • Designed to meet modern lifestyles-portion-sizes
  • Has a place in every cupboard-A meal that is always available
  • 80% of all metal ever produced is still in use today. Today’s can could become part of tomorrow’s train or building.
  • Where efficient recovery systems are in place, recycling rates exceed 90%.
  • Recycling one tonne of metal scrap uses 70-95% less energy than making one tonne of metal from virgin raw material.
  • Metals close the material loop without being confined to a single application.

Metals are natural elements that maintain their physical properties forever. Once metal enters the material-to-material loop, in which it is recycled again and again, it will always be available for future generations.

Today, 79,5% of steel packaging and 73% of aluminium beverage cans are recycled in Europe, making metal packaging the most recycled packaging.

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