Ready-Made or Bespoke Tins?

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ready-made or bespoke tins?

It's ideal to have a clear expectation of what is achievable from your packaging in order to get the most from it. Aside from protection, what other essential factors must your packaging incorporate? Maybe it's to highlight the launch of a new product, or even focus on a limited edition item. Perhaps it will mirror an ongoing marketing campaign, or assist in the complete overhaul of a brand altogether.

One thing is for certain, whatever the size of the business or however established - metal packaging will bring great protection, a touch of luxury and complete differentiation.

The next step is to determine the appropriate route for your brand. Do you need a quick fix with a short turnaround time? Are you planning for Christmas next year? Will the product be rolling out internationally so you'll need masses produced? Are you a start-up testing the waters?

Choose the service right for you:


  • A range of tins in popular shapes, sizes and colours
  • Available online to purchase for next day dispatch
  • Low order quantities, available in pack quantities of 12 to 200
  • Multiple ways to brand - from labelling to etching (we can point you in the direction of trusted companies)
  • Ideal for: newly launch companies, new products, limited storage space, last minute campaigns


  • Create any shape, size or style metal packaging with a range of finishes and enhancements
  • Fully branded and unique
  • Liaise with our packaging specialists throughout the process from initial concept right through to delivery
  • Minimum orders ranging on average from 3,000 units with a lead times ranging from 10 to 12 weeks
  • Ideal for: established brands, popular products, limited-edition/campaigns

Now it's time to start your packaging project! Decide your goals and desired outcomes, then pick the service that is right for your brand.

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