Shedding Light On The Candle Market

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Shedding Light On The Candle Market

Over the years, we’ve seen many trends change to adhere to consumer demands, but none more so than the candle industry. The market for luxury and homemade candles is helping to spark overall growth of the home fragrances market. While candles come in all types of shapes and sizes, scent is the reason for new growth.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with a whole host of candle companies who offer scents ranging from raspberry ripple ice cream, mulled wine to pink grapefruit & vanilla. Consumers really are spoilt for choice when it comes to candles, but what are the key drivers in this market?

What are the big drivers?

Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram let merchants bring their products to their customers without their customers even realising it. These visual channels are perfect for showing off the visual aspects of candles and is seen by many as the next best alternative to holding one in your hand and smelling it.

More and more people are doing their shopping on social media platforms. With the improvement of social media’s selling capabilities, social media platforms are more than just advertising channels. People can now conveniently and quickly purchase products on their chosen social media platform. Not only has purchasing become easier, but visual content has become far more important the textual content, which has paved the way for companies to come up with more ingenious and creative ways in which to promote their products as seen below.

E-commerce is expected to become the largest retail channel in the world by 2021, outpacing sales through retail outlets like supermarkets. When it comes to e-commerce dominance, Amazon is at the top of the food chain. With its ever-expanding product range and dominance of the market, if you haven’t already then it maybe the ideal time to utilise the fasting growing eCommerce marketplace.

How can we help?

We’ve been lucky enough to supply many candle companies with quality tins to get their product moving. Whether you’re just starting out or an established business, our ready-made range, label or custom service ensure that your product stands out from the competition.


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