Why Limited Edition Festive Packaging Is A Must

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Why Limited Edition Festive Packaging Is A Must

‘Tis the most popular time of the year to utilise limited edition packaging!

It works best when there’s a valid reason to celebrate a one off packaging design with a worthwhile message, if that be to educate, introduce new products or spread festive cheer. So what are the benefits of adopting Christmas packaging?

A chance to reinforce your brand identity.

What better way to do this than with highly creative seasonal packaging? Excite the senses and create a lasting shopping experience, by displaying eye-catching visuals, staying consistent across all channels (get tweeting the Christmas campaign!) and by portraying a human element, whether it be through a touch of humour or quirkiness. This is increasingly important as shoppers, notably millennials, seek brands with like-minded personalities.

…And with this comes increased sales.

A reiterated brand identity not only allures new consumers, but also attracts the loyal audience with something out of the ordinary. The holiday season sees an (expected) increase in impulse purchases, with all the gift shopping underway. Look at it this way, if you’re shopping for a friend and umm-ing or arr-ing between a traditional or Christmas packaged product, chances are you’ll opt for the festive, as it is the season after all.

Which leads us onto staying current.

As we just mentioned, a Christmas packaged product is likely to take an advantage during the run up to the big day. Keeping up with the rest of the market ensures you don’t lose the competitive edge. But with everyone implementing festive packaging, it’s also a good opportunity to bring something new to the table by adapting to the ever evolving needs of your target audience to creep ahead.

Running a Christmas campaign has multiple advantages when implemented successfully. But that's not to shy away from the fact that it is timely and requires thorough preparation, so make sure you have all the resources in place to be able to execute the campaign as effectively as possible. Start planning your packaging for Christmas 2017 now with bespoke tin packaging.

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