Cardboard Tube Packaging in Black, White or Brown

Multipurpose Cardboard Tube Packaging in Black, White or Brown

SKU C063056B


  • Available Colours: Black, white and brown with a matt finish
  • Packaging Material: 2.5 mm thick cardboard with paper wrap
  • Closure Style: Slip lid with rolled edge
  • Suitable for: Packaging dry goods including food
  • Product Options: 3 colours and 9 sizes
  • Box Size: See size & quantity guide for details
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66 (d) x 76 (h) mm 170 ml / 5.7 fl oz 100 units
66 (d) x 129 (h) mm 340 ml / 11.5 fl oz 100 units
66 (d) x 186 (h) mm 520 ml / 17.6 fl oz 50 units
76 (d) x 76 (h) mm 230 ml / 7.8 fl oz 100 units
76 (d) x 129 (h) mm 460 ml / 15.6 fl oz 100 units
76 (d) x 186 (h) mm 700 ml / 23.7 fl oz 50 units
86 (d) x 76 (h) mm 300 ml / 10.1 fl oz 100 units
86 (d) x 129 (h) mm 500 ml / 16.9 fl oz 50 units
86 (d) x 186 (h) mm 900 ml / 30.4 fl oz 50 units

Please note, measurements are external and are in millimetres (mm). Click here for internal dimensions and product data


Cardboard Tubes with Slip Lid in Black, White or Brown

| This wide range of multi-purpose cardboard tubes are ideal for packaging a whole host of dry products such as clothing, bottles and foodstuffs.

Available in 9 different sizes, these cardboard tubes come in three colours, black, white and brown and all with a matt finish.

The cardboard tubes feature a slip lid that has a rolled edge.

All our cardboard tubes are fully recyclable and contain recycled material.


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