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A round silver tin with a clear windowed slip lid with product code T0704W.
A collection of different sized silver slip lid tins with window lids.

Silver Round Seamless Slip Lid Tins with Windows

Available colours: Silver, white & gold Packaging material: Tinplate Available closure styles: Window slip...

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from £1.25
A gold seamless tin with a clear lid and product code T0738W.
Two seamless tins with clear lids, one white and the other gold.

Round Seamless Tin With Window Slip Lid in White, Gold or Silver

Available colours: White, gold and silver Packaging material: Tinplate with PET window Closure style: Slip lid...

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from £1.25
T1812W Product Image
Seamless Window Lid Tin Collection

Silver Square Seamless Tin with Window Slip Lid (Clearance)

Colour: Silver Packaging material: Tinplate Closure style: Window slip lid Suitable for: Candles, confectione...

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from £1.25

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