Silver Round Paint Pot Style Tin

SKU T0664
  • Colour: Silver
  • Packaging material: Tinplate
  • Closure style: Lever lid
  • Suitable for: Tea, coffee, candle making, gifts, confectionery
  • Product options: 2 sizes
  • Box size: Contains 100 units
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60 (d) x 60 (h) mm 125 ml / 4.4 fl oz 100 units
75 (d) x 80 (h) mm 250 ml / 8.8 fl oz 100 units

*Please note, measurements are external from curl to curl and are in millimetres (mm).


Small Round Paint Pot Style Tin with Lever Lid and a Welded Side-Seam

| This round welded side seam tin features a lever lid and is designed to resemble a traditional small paint tin.

Available in two sizes, these tin containers have a welded side seam which makes them suitable for candle making. The tin containers are silver both inside and outside.

As with all our tins, this tin is coated in a food safe lacquer which is ideal for packaging food items such as sweets, herbs or spices.

These tins can be recycled or refilled and reused.


Test before you buy. To order a sample, simply select the 'sample' option from the drop-down menu labelled 'Sample/Box'. A maximum of 10 samples can be ordered. Each sample is individually priced and a shipping charge of £5.00 applies at checkout.

You will receive a £10.00 voucher to spend on future orders over £40.00 when you order a sample.

Did you have something else in mind? See our bespoke pages for inspiration. Starting from 5000 units

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Ask a Question
  • Can you customise this product to 75mm x 125mm enough for 200g of powder. if so how much would the items be?

    We do offer a bespoke service, however quantities start from 3000 units. If this is something you're interested to know more about, we'd happily get in contact to talk through your requirements!

  • Would these tins be suitable to serve drinks in at a wedding reception?

    We would not recommend that you use any Tinplate tin to hold liquids in.

    The tins are made with a Tinplate coating over a base metal of Steel which will oxidise when exposed to liquids.

    These paint pot style tins are aimed at the candle making industry and not to hold drinks.

    We can recommend an alternative UK company you could approach for a drink/cocktail tin if required.

  • Are these tins suitable for waterbased paints

    Although these paint pot style tins have a welded side seam (and are suitable for candle wax) we would not advise using them for any water based products.

    This is because the tin is made of Tinplate coated Steel and over a prolonged period the water content would cause oxidization.

  • Where are the tins manufactured?

    Hi, The tins are produced in China.