Image showing both cardboard tubes with internal shaker and lid, one with lid off to show the shaker. Ideal for cosmetics and powders.
A brown cardboard shaker tube with product code C751060K
A brown cardboard shaker tube with product code C751120K
Two sizes of cardboard shaker tubes with the smallest with its lid off to show internal shaker.
Two size of cardboard shaker tubes side by side to show height difference.

Cardboard Shaker Tube with Water Resistant Liner in Brown Kraft


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Product colours: brown
Packaging material: 2.5 mm cardboard with paper wrap
Closure style: slip lid with rolled edge
Suitable uses: cosmetics, food products, herbs, spices, powders, and deodorant
Properties: water resistant liner
Product options: 2 sizes

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Cardboard Tube Information Sheet

Internal and external cardboard tubes dimensions vary considerably. Use this guide to ensure you select the perfect packaging for your product.

Multipurpose Cardboard Tubes in Black, White or Brown Kraft

SKU Code External Size Internal Size Volume
C063056 66 mm (d) x 76 mm (h) 63 mm (d) x 56 mm (h) 170 ml
C063112 66 mm (d) x 129 mm (h) 63 mm (d) x 112 mm (h) 340 ml
C063168 66 mm (d) x 186 mm (h) 63 mm (d) x 168 mm (h) 520 ml
C073056 76 mm (d) x 76 mm (h) 73 mm (d) x 56 mm (h) 230 ml
C073112 76 mm (d) x 129 mm (h) 73 mm (d) x 112 mm (h) 460 ml
C073168 76 mm (d) x 186 mm (h) 73 mm (d) x 168 mm (h) 700 ml
C083056 86 mm (d) x 76 mm (h) 83 mm (d) x 56 mm (h) 300 ml
C083112 86 mm (d) x 129 mm (h) 83 mm (d) x 112 mm (h) 500 ml
C083168 86 mm (d) x 186 mm (h) 83 mm (d) x 168 mm (h) 900 ml

Cardboard Jars in Black, White or Brown Kraft

SKU Code External Size Internal Size Volume
C863042 65 mm (d) x 42 mm (h) 63 mm (d) x 26 mm (h) 80 ml
C873042 75 mm (d) x 42 mm (h) 73 mm (d) x 26 mm (h) 100 ml
C883042 85 mm (d) x 42 mm (h) 83 mm (d) x 26 mm (h) 140 ml

Push-up Base Cardboard Tubes in Black, White or Brown Kraft

SKU Code External Size Internal Size Volume
C921070 24 mm (d) x 75 mm (h) 21 mm (d) x 59 mm (h) 18 ml
C927086 30 mm (d) x 86 mm (h) 27 mm (d) x 67 mm (h) 35 ml
C938093 40 mm (d) x 93 mm (h) 38 mm (d) x 70 mm (h) 70 ml

Cardboard Shaker Tube in Brown Kraft

SKU Code External Size Internal Size Volume
C751060 51 mm (d) x 60 mm (h) 47 mm (d) x 37 mm (h) 60 ml
C751120 51 mm (d) x 120 mm (h) 47 mm (d) x 97 mm (h) 160 ml
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| This cardboard tube has an internal water resistant coating making it ideal for cosmetics and oily food items without transference to the cardboard.

This cardboard packaging also features a removable shaker to assist with the dispersal of the product within. The shaker section is covered with a slip lid that features a rolled edge.

This cardboard tube is available in two sizes, both with a brown Kraft style finish.

All our cardboard tubes are FSC sourced and contain recycled or reclaimed material and can also be recycled themselves.

*Dimensions stated are external and measured from curl to curl in millimetres. 

100 units

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