Silver Round Seamless Solid Slip Lid Tins

SKU T0706
  • Colour: Silver
  • Packaging material: Tinplate
  • Available closure styles: Solid Slip Lid & Window Slip Lid
  • Suitable for: Candles, Confectionery, Gifts, Herbs & Spices
  • Box size: 50/100 Units


64 (D) x 45 (h) mm 100 ml / 3.5 fl oz 100 units
80 (D) x 28 (h) mm 125 ml / 4.4 fl oz 100 units
80 (D) x 55 (h) mm 250 ml / 8.8 fl oz 100 units
95 (D) x 62 (h) mm 400 ml / 14.1 fl oz 50 units

*Please note, measurements are external from curl to curl and are in millimetres (mm).


Silver Round Seamless Tins with Solid Slip Lid

This range is available in a variety of sizes, making it popular for a whole range of items including candles, confectionery, gifts, herbs and spices. The silver round seamless tins are also available to purchase with a window lid.

As with all of our tins, this range is coated in a food safe lacquer.


Do you need a sample to test? To order a sample, simply select the 'sample' option from the drop-down menu labelled 'Sample/Box'. A maximum of 10 samples can be ordered. Each sample is individually priced and a shipping charge of £3.00 (exc. Switzerland due to customs clearance charges) applies on checkout. You will receive a £5.00 voucher off future full box quantities.

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  • Hi sorry if iv missed anything that already answers this question but is the VAT added into the price or is the VAT added just before checkout. Thanks

    The carton price is quoted before VAT.

    Details of the VAT are added at checkout.