4 Alternative Ways To Use Tin

July 21, 2017

4 Alternative Ways To Use Tin

Tins are incredibly versatile and very cost-effective. Traditionally, tins are used to package products. However, you may be surprised that there's much more you can achieve with a tin container. Whether you buy ready-made tins especially for the purpose, or gather a selection of vintage tins throughout the years - why not try these following ideas?

1. Display Purposes - Shop, Cafe or Restaurant
The characteristics and atmosphere of your establishment contribute to the overall customer experience - create an ambience that people will enjoy visiting  Depending on the style of tin, they provide a different type or vibe - this could be authentic, rustic or sleek. Use an ideal prop or a handy storage solution.

  • Create a quirky point of sale display at the checkout with smaller items
  • Stack a selection of tins on shelving alongside the products to create a rustic feel
  • Use to hold cutlery or napkins on each table

2. Events or Exhibitions
Similarly to above, tins can be used as a prop at events or exhibitions. Entice attendees to your stand with an eye-catching display of stacked tins in all shapes and sizes storing your product(s), use to store stationery such as pens and business cards, or create a tin themed freebie to spread your brand.

3. Competitions
Looking for something a little different for your next competition? Use a 'limited edition' approach to package a selection of existing products. An exclusive prize, that customers know is out of the ordinary, will create excitement around the brand. Use your social media channels to push, push and push some more. 

4. Direct Marketing Campaigns
Each and everyone of us receives copious emails and letters. Even with the best tips applied and great written content, your hard-work may end up in the bin without even reaching the attended recipient. Develop a campaign using a tin container to ensure your message is heard! Apply a label around the tin to highlight your key points and include a product sample.