Beat The January Blues

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Beat The January Blues

If January with its cold dark mornings and long nights fills you with sadness and tiredness, then perhaps it’s time to try some new hobbies? There must be a hobby that fills you with happiness, turn that hobby into a small business!


How Do You Beat the January Blues By Starting A New Hobby?

It’s so satisfying to see when the wax melts and solidifies again. Using wax, you can do a lot of fun activities such as candle making, cosmetics or lip balm preparation.

If you pick up any of these as your hobby and get yourself busy during the cold winter nights. You can even make a bit of profit from those hobbies if you wanted to create a small business, a lot of people even sell on social media!


Candle Making

With the winters right here, the thought of candles doesn’t leave my mind. I think it's about the peace and warmth that they fill in the place where they are lit and smell.

You can easily make candles at home; all you need is some wax and the rest depends on your liking. To start with, melt the wax in a clean candle tin. As the wax melts, you will start enjoying the process because it’s so therapeutic and healing.

Now to make the candle attractive, you can add any food colour or fragrance to the wax. After that, attach the wick to the wax, and secure it by adding more wax.


Lip Balm Preparation

You can also try making cosmetics like lip balms and lipsticks. For this, you would need some very basic ingredients such as beeswax, cocoa butter, and shea butter.

Put them in a double boiler and let them melt. Add any oil and once removed from heat, you can add some colour of your choice. When you use your own prepared lip balm or lipstick, it makes you feel so proud! You can even share this with your friends and families to make good use out of!


Have you thought about making a new year’s resolution this 2023 - I would really recommend doing so! This blog hopefully has motivated and given you a push to add creating a new hobby to the list.


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