Confectionery Tins To Customise This Christmas

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Confectionery Tins To Customise This Christmas

For cookies, cupcakes, fruit cakes, chocolate, biscuits or gingerbread men, you really can't beat a personalised Christmas themed tin.

Our printed label service provides a cost-effective solution and multiple options to ensure the right look for your product. This service offers a quick turn around time, allowing you to bake your delicious confectionery items to send out to customers.

So, what tins can you customise with our label service? Well…just about all of them! To keep on the theme of Christmas confectioneries, listed below is a range of products, perfectly suited to customise in time for Christmas:

Silver & Black Clip Lidded Tins

This tin is perfect for hot chocolate or to fill with moreish shortbread and biscuits, perfect for nibbling on or dunking in a brew!

Silver Square Tin with Slip Lid

This tin is perfectly suited as a treat tin to store gingerbread men, cookies and shortbread. It also doubles up as a cake tin, with a range of sizes making it ideal for cupcakes, fruit cakes, mince pies and candy canes.

Large Silver Rectangular Tin with Either a Solid or Window Stepped Slip or Hinged Lid

Our largest rectangular tin in our range provides you with plenty of room to store a wide range of confectioneries and with a window lidded option, allows you to show off amazing creations.


is often used to create novelty, limited edition products and gifts. It features a food safe lacquer, making it ideal to store chocolate, biscuits and pretzels. Its unique ring pull mechanism provides the product with a unique novelty value that your customers will love.

Tin not only provides great packaging for your product, it acts a customised keepsake to be enjoyed for years to come, they are an affordable but meaningful treat for everyone. Who wouldn’t be rewarded with a beautifully designed and practical biscuit tin to store their favourite cookies in, whilst simultaneously reminding them of a very special occasion?

  • Materials & Finishes
  • Adhesives

FSC® Paper Stickers

  • Uncoated Paper
  • Glossy Paper
  • Correction Paper
  • Fluorescent Paper

Waterproof Stickers

  • White gloss or matt vinyl
  • Clear gloss or matt vinyl
  • Fluorescent vinyl
  • Gloss or matt laminated vinyl
  • Holographic vinyl
  • Metallic Vinyl
  • Brushed or polished metallic


Suitable for most uses. A permanent adhesive that is harder to peel than a removable adhesive, but not impossible to take off.


A low-tack, peelable adhesive solution, this adhesive leave no sticky residue

Extra Permanent (High Tack)

Extra strong sticky adhesive which is difficult to remove.

Starting from a minimum order of just 500 labels, our printing service provides a cost-effective solution and multiple options to ensure the right look for your product.

To order, simply choose your materials and finish from the options below and contact a member of our team for a quote.

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