Increased Customer Demand Pushing Beauty Brands Towards Sustainable Packaging

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90% of gen z consumers will pay more for sustainable packaging, according to a new report. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that customers are now calling on their favourite beauty brands to commit to a sustainable future.

In a new study, 81% of beauty product consumers said that the cosmetic industry should actively reduce high levels of plastic packaging. More than 500 consumers between 18 and 65 claimed sustainability credentials had a significant impact on their overall purchasing habits.

Over 60% of surveyed consumers claimed ‘clean beauty’ was important to them. While an unregulated term, clean beauty means never compromising to achieve the right appearance. It includes using sustainable or renewable resources wherever possible.

Furthermore, nearly 50% of consumers claimed they would pay more for sustainable packaging. Another 20% said they would think about paying more based on the brand and overall quality.

When asked about what materials they wanted businesses to use:

  • 40% wanted products in refillable containers like aluminium tins
  • 35% would buy cosmetic products in cardboard packaging
  • 30% would purchase beauty items in organic packaging

Many consumers were eager to purchase products in recyclable plastic. However, recent reports suggest only 14% of plastic cosmetic packaging reaches a recycling plant. From this, just 9% ends up being recycled. This is why cosmetic businesses eager to achieve new green standards should explore different materials for their cosmetic products.

This is the only way to tackle the 120 billion tonnes of packaging waste generated by the beauty industry each year.

Do Customers Trust Sustainability Claims?

A key consideration is whether customers believe a product labelled as sustainable is green friendly.

Beauty product consumers are desperate for businesses to provide clearer messaging. More than 70% are actively interested in how brands are stopping products filling oceans or landfills. Over half of polled consumers also said they investigate any sustainable claims made by beauty businesses.

How Important Is Sustainability?

Beauty customers seem committed to protecting the environment and making eco-conscious choices. In the same poll, customers ranked sustainable packaging as their third top priority behind non-toxic and cruelty free. The right packaging was ranked as more important than organic ingredients, and vegan choices.

Our Perspective

It seems the tide is quickly turning with regards to consumer perceptions of sustainable packaging, particularly in the beauty industry. Major brands are already highlighting their commitment to greener choices when packaging products including creams, ointments and even makeup.

With consumers shifting towards more eco-conscious decisions when purchasing items, it is in the interest of small and large businesses to follow suit.

Discover More

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We also stock FSC forest friendly cardboard tubes with a water-resistant liner. This is the preferred choice for eco-conscious, cosmetic consumers.

For more information on our stock range or advice on selecting the perfect packaging for your product, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

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