How to understand your customers to ensure your packaging appeals to the right audience?

How to understand your customers to ensure your packaging appeals to the right audience?

It is very difficult to ascertain your market and commit to a target audience. In order to do this, it’s important to do your research, understanding what your ideal customer might look like, so that your packaging and branding can be precisely what they are looking for and more.

We have put together some key points to consider:

  • Understand your website analytics and the keywords your customers are using to find you
  • Analyse your competitor websites, reviews, social media
  • Review your sales data
  • Look through your customer feedback and reviews
  • Look at acquisitions on Google Analytics to see which social media platforms, blogs and forums your site traffic comes from
  • Conduct customer surveys asking them about what you do well and not so well, offering an incentive for completing this
  • Contact any customers that haven’t ordered for some time, have a chat, ascertain their frustrations and joys? Be transparent, tell them you are trying to improve the customer experience
  • Speak to your employees. Quite often your staff have a better understanding of your customer as they are speaking to them more regularly get their perspective and collaborate

You should then be able to achieve a complete picture of your buyer’s personality, lifestyle and motivation.

All of these insights will enrich you to make those key decisions from creating website and social media content that’s relevant to choosing which exhibitions to attend. These insights will ultimately maximise customer engagement, enabling your customers to really connect with your brand and product, reducing your customer acquisition costs and increasing your revenues.

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