Metal Packaging Now The Most Popular Choice With EU Customers

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Heart shaped tin packaging
What’s the packaging material that’s winning customers’ hearts? A recent survey points towards metal packaging, specifically tinplate and aluminium. The study, spearheaded by Eviosys, reveals that 63% of consumers recognise metal packaging as a more sustainable packaging solution, outshining plastic packaging.

The 2024 report further uncovers that a tremendous 90% of European businesses are either investing in or exploring sustainable packaging solutions.

Why Do Customers Adore Metal Packaging?

From a sustainability standpoint, metal emerges as the champion. An impressive 80% of used metal stays in circulation and is unlikely to contribute to the continent’s landfill problem. A significant 94% of customers admit that the environmental advantages of metal packaging influence their purchasing decisions. But sustainability is just one piece of the puzzle.

Metal packaging also scores high on durability, safeguarding products during and post-transportation. Customers often find new uses for metal packaging too, with metal tins frequently repurposed for storing jewellery.

Aesthetically pleasing, aluminium and tinplate boxes are a visual treat and are sure to draw customers’ attention. Research indicates that products housed in metal packaging are perceived as premium offerings or ones that adhere to superior quality standards.

Navigating Business Challenges

Despite the clear benefits, businesses encounter hurdles when transitioning from other packaging types like plastic containers.

For 33% of businesses, cost is the primary obstacle. While metal packaging is cost-effective, the expenses aren’t limited to the containers alone. Factors like customer education and marketing campaigns add to the overall cost. Other businesses cite material availability (14%) and supply chain issues (19%) as significant considerations when altering their packaging preferences.

However, the march towards sustainability is unstoppable. It’s predicted that 45% of businesses will transition to 100% recyclable packaging by 2027, and by the end of the next decade, 90% of companies will embrace this change.

This trend isn’t surprising as governments, environmentalists, and marketing analysts concur that sustainable packaging is crucial for achieving future carbon goals.

When it comes to recyclability, only two materials offer an infinite solution: Glass and metal. All other materials will eventually become waste.

Our Stellar Metal Packaging

At Tinware Direct, we offer an extensive range of metal packaging in various sizes and styles. Our aluminium tins, popular for housing cosmetic products like creams, soaps, and certain foods, are a hit with customers.

Alternatively, our tinplate cans are the top choice for a wide array of items, from candles to dry food, powders, pet food, and much more.

We’re dedicated to assisting businesses across all industries to join the circular economy with truly sustainable packaging. Reach out to our team today to learn more.

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