Metal packaging reaches a new recycling milestone

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According to the latest figures from APEAL, the body responsible for supporting steel as a sustainable and resource efficient packaging solution, recycling of metal packaging across Europe has hit a new high of 82.5%. This confirms that steel packaging continues to be the most recycled packaging material putting it at the forefront in the move to create a fully circular economy.

The new milestone means that 8 out of every 10 tins or cans are now recycled across Europe, saving a whopping 4 million tonnes of CO2, the equivalent to taking 870,000 cars off the road each year.

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Steel is currently one of the leading sustainable packaging materials of the future as it is a permanent material that can be indefinitely recycled without any loss of quality. Unlike other packaging materials 75%* of steel products ever made are still in use today. Plastic on the other hand can only be recycled once and even then, new virgin material must be added to upgrade its quality to make it viable.

Metal packaging also offers the strongest protection with high weight and impact resistance, helping to protect packaged products. It can also be moulded into complex shapes and structures and can in be seen by consumers as a premium product allowing companies who opt to use it for packaging their products to enter luxury markets.

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