Snack Packaging For The Health-Conscious

Snack Packaging For The Health-Conscious

With a big movement towards healthy ingredients and environmentally sustainable offerings, consumers are opting for packaging that reflects these attributes. This year has seen shoppers seeking transparency, taking more of an active role in waste and perhaps the biggest trend - a shift towards a plant-based diet with the health aspect a key contributing factor.

With these emerging trends growing at an ever-increasing rate, how will product packaging appeal to the health-conscious consumer?


Nutritional benefits are driving consumption for snacks. With people grabbing snacks for various reasons throughout the day, most commonly as a replacement for breakfast or a midday snack, design and functionality will appeal differently. However, all consumers are looking for key points that actually defines healthy eating - is it natural, high in fibre, contains superfoods or free-from?

Saying it on your packaging is one thing, but displaying it is another. Play with finishes to reflect the product, use lacquers and windows, or opt for a natural colour.


In addition to healthier choices, consumers are increasingly striding towards a healthier planet. The growing demand is for a multi-serve product with a resealable option, to minimise waste and maintain freshness. With various packaging materials to choose from (such as cardboard, paper and metal), it can be difficult to decide on the most appropriate. Think of the bigger goals - does it need to provide strong protection, feature a pour spout or have endless reuses?


With consumers demanding so much information, packaging then risks the danger of becoming overcrowded. It's key to keep purposeful points clear, precise and easy to find - any background information can be accessed online (such as ingredient sourcing and product origin). Interactive labels create more ways to engage with consumers, instantly launching a digital experience to grow engagement and loyalty.


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