Packaging Trends For 2022

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Packaging Trends For 2022

We can’t believe it’s nearly 2022? Where has the past year gone… we can only hope for a better year next year!


Tinware Direct are delighted to share our top packaging trends as the new year quickly approaches. The way you pick the packaging for your products can affect the success of your product and how it connects with potential consumers.


1. Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging trends will continue in 2022 and beyond. Having sustainable packaging creates a positive brand image and helps your product stand out from the competition and most importantly it helps the environment!


With the new plastic tax coming in 2022 it is very important to start reducing the number of damaging plastics we use. Finding a sustainable option for your packaging in 2022 will help protect the environment and cut down the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill or in our oceans. Plastic packaging also has a significant negative reputation from consumers, with a recent study from YouGov study suggesting 82% are actively trying to cut down on personal plastic use, with two thirds believing that all companies should be required by law to use a sustainable packaging option and 50% saying they would pay more for the option. Clearly the benefits of change are significant for companies.


Tesco pledged by 2025 they will strip unneccesary plastic, this seemed very unrealistic in 2018 however it’s becoming normal now! Especially with the upcoming plastic tax happening in April 2022.


2. Online shopping?

The pandemic has accelerated changes to people's shopping habits, with many consumers turning to online shopping for ease.This means packaging has to adapt to the consumer channel of online shopping. In 2022 packaging has to be made with the focus of deliverable suitability, protecting contents inside the packaging.


3. Digital

In the last year we’ve seen a rapid advancement in digital technology, with some companies even adding it into their packaging.


Some companies in 2021 went with the idea of having minimalist packaging and a QR code - when scanning the QR code it would take you to a website with more information about the product. This worked really well as it modernises their brand image.


Having a QR code is a great hack to take away all the boring information from a packaging design.


Personalised printing has really spiked recently due to the pandemic and consumers sending gifts to people they cannot see. The personalisation of packaging can make a customer feel unique and connected to the product.


Augmented reality offers potential for brands to completely change their packaging and the way they engage with consumers. Augmented reality can add elements to packaging that can’t be seen with the first look. Additional facts, nutrition information, art, contact information can all be shared via AR through a simple QR code.


At Tinware Direct, we specialise in aluminium and tin plate tins, cardboard tubes and jars and bespoke packaging! We would love to help you find the right packaging for your company.

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