Perfect Packaging For Valentine's Day

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Perfect Packaging For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching. Love is in the air and the packaging industry is feeling it! Valentines Day always sparks in gift buying, it’s the perfect opportunity for companies to change their products with the appropriate makeover for the holiday!


Valentine’s Day is a big contributor to annual retail sales. Offering gifts at this time of year can really help boost your sales in January/February. In this blog, I’m going to help outline the right products at Tinware Direct to choose from.


Valentine’s Day Candle Packaging

If you have a candle business then the perfect candle for you would be any of our Heart Tins. We have a range of two different sizes (20ml and 50ml) with three different colours, red, rose gold and silver. The heart shape is perfect for Valentine's Day!


If this size isn’t big enough for you, we can also recommend the Round Welded Side Seam Tins. Which come in 100ml and 250ml perfect for bigger size candles. We have four different colours in this tin, gold, rose gold, silver and red. The red tin is ideal for your customers to celebrate the special day with their loved one.


If you wanted to do something new this Valentine’s Day you could even personalise the candles to whoever your customers want to give their tin to. Customers really enjoy personalised products as it allows them to connect to the product.

Valentine’s Day Food Packaging

If you’re selling chocolate this Valentine's Day you may be interested in our Large Silver Rectangular Tin With Either a Solid or Window Lid. Both options are great for chocolates, however, I personally would suggest the window lid so customers are able to see clearly what’s inside without having to open the lid. Both lids are great to style on too, with labels and other packaging stickers.


If you’re looking to sell small sweets this Valentine’s Day I would strongly recommend the heart tins again. However, we also have Round Aluminium Tin Containers With EPE which are brilliant for all size sweets, as we have 10 sizes!

Valentine’s Day Cosmetic Packaging

Or are you selling cosmetics this Valentine’s Day? The Round Aluminium Tin Container With EPE Lined Screw Lid would be amazing for cosmetics such as lip balms, cuticle cream, beard waxes and any water-based products.


I hope this blog helped a little to find the right products for your customers' needs this Valentine’s Day. Please get in touch if you have any questions, our team will be happy to help!

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