Why Use Tin Packaging For Your Product?

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Why use tin packaging for your product

With a proven safety and sustainability record, metal packaging is used in a variety of commodities sectors, ranging from food to cosmetics.

As a general guide, the aim of packaging is to maximise your product’s value, not only through representing the product inside, but by communicating its message and market position to reflect. Other factors that you’ll need to consider are things like: cost, durability, functionality and the environment.

So why choose tin?

Safety: Tin is clean and non-toxic.

Sustainable: Metal packaging is durable and tamper-resistant, enabling long-term preservation of your product (it costs more to replace damaged goods than pay for adequate protective packaging from the outset).

Environment: Consumers maintain an environmentally conscious behaviour as metal packaging recycles forever, up to 80% of all metal ever produced in the world is still available for use. (source: Empac)

Differentiation: Attract consumers with unique packaging and gain a competitive advantage. Metal packaging supports a multitude of design options, available in an unlimited number of shapes and sizes.

In business they say, “it’s the packaging that sells the product the first time, but it’s what’s inside that sells the package the second time.” It’s important not to overlook the aspect that will essentially help move your product off the shelf.

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