5 Steps to Creating The Perfect Product Label

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5 Steps to Creating The Perfect Product Label

With so many different products, brand names, and information available to us, we often take labels for granted. But product labels serve an incredibly important purpose, and can help a product or company stand out from the competition.


Before you even start to consider designing your labels, its essential to do proper research. When researching product labels, you need to find out the target audience of the products are – their gender, age, location, values and interests.

In addition to your target audience, your competition also needs researching. You want to stand out from the competition, so your design has to be eye-catching but also avoid designing a label that is too close to a competing product.

Picking the right colour scheme

Choosing the right colours is one of the most important aspects of designing a great product label. The colours you use will depend on many factors, including the type of product you are designing the label for, who the target consumer is and the colours used by competing brands.

Often the colours you use will be informed by the overall design of the packaging.

For example, if you are creating a label that has a lot of upbeat imagery and playful typography then it makes sense to use bright and bold colours to match the overall theme.

Overall the colours of the product should help it to stand out from competing brands as well as catching the eye of consumers.

Choosing the right typography

A typical product label will contain a lot of text and therefore choosing the right typography to reflect the product is key.

Because there will be a lot of information on the label, you first want to think about what typography you will use for the most important parts of the design, such as the product name and slogan.

Depending on your skills as a designer, you might choose to create custom hand lettering for the label, rather than relying on a pre-existing font.

The advantage to this is that you can create something unique to the product.

Focus on The USP of your product

The ultimate goal of a product label is to firstly catch the eye of consumers and then convince them why they should purchase the product.

The best way to do the latter is by pushing the USP of the product.

Sometimes a product will not have a defined USP, but even if it does not, you can still push the positive points of the product, whether it is that it is healthy, good value, convenient, etc.

Knowing the USP of the product will not only help you to decide what information should be most prominent on the label, but it will also help you to make critical design decisions during your process.

What Packaging Material will be used

Often when designing on behalf of a client, the packaging materials that will be used will not have been decided.

This is perfect as it allows you to have input and think about the best overall aesthetic for the product you are designing.

In cases where the packaging material has already been agreed upon, then you certainly want to know everything about it – its size, what it is made from, whether it is transparent or opaque, etc.

This is all vital information that will inform the decisions you make when designing the label.

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